EUSA sets the #BeActive example

EUSA sets the #BeActive example


29.05.2020 |

As an official partner of the European-wide #BeActive campaign, EUSA is proud to have played its part in spreading the #BeActiveAtHome message in recent months, helping to promote heathy living across the continent.

EUSA sets the #BeActive example

With lockdowns and restrictions affecting sporting activities across the entire globe, millions were unable to perform their regular exercise and sporting routines, with most exercise facilities closed amid the current COVID-19 pandemic.

With sport and physical activity aiding in maintaining both a healthy body and mind, EUSA joined the universal #StayHome initiative along with the European Commission’s #BeActiveAtHome and FISU’s #FitAtHome campaigns to promote physical activity amongst all our members, encouraging everyone to share their regular home exercise routines with us and the entire EUSA family as a form of encouragement, positivity and upliftment during this difficult period.

For the past two months, EUSA staff and volunteers, as well as members of our various commissions, including the EUSA Executive Committee, Student Commission as well as the Media and Communication Commission, led by example by sharing with the EUSA family various forms of exercise they were able to complete at home.

Two videos per week were shared onto EUSA’s social media platforms, with activities ranging from abdominal and cardio exercises to bicep and leg workouts, and even some creative rollerblading and table tennis alternatives.

Sports Manager Mr Besim Aliti

The workouts reached tens of thousands of followers across Europe, providing not only possible exercise routines to replicate, but also entertainment and a united front in standing together, although virtually, through exercise to maintain a healthy lifestyle, despite the many challenges faced over this period.

Although restrictions are being eased in many countries, we encourage everyone to obey the regulations set by their national authorities, practise good hygiene and social distancing, and only return to your regular sporting training when it is safe and permitted to do so.

In the meantime, #BeActiveAtHome workouts are a good alternative to keep fit and healthy, and we encourage all our members to keep sharing their exercise videos with us.

The instructions are simple:

  1. Take a photo or short video of yourself doing some sort of physical exercise in your home.
  2. Publish it on social media, tagging @eusaunisport, and we will share your post amongst the EUSA family, to motivate others and keep us united in our #BeActive lifestyles, despite the distance!
  3. Remember to use the #FitAtHome and #BeActiveAtHome hashtags as well, to join in FISU and the European Commission’s initiatives in creating a truly global family of healthy living!

Get involved in the fun, unite with others across the continent, stay healthy and #BeActive!