About CUSA

Czech University Sports Association (CUSA)


The Czech University Sports Association (CUSA) is a stabilized gymnastics and sports association, has a solid organizational structure, characterized by a modern concept of activity and a functional system of specific sports competitions and competitions. It has a strong membership base with more than 25,000 members in 47 university sports clubs and unions that are used in 46 different gymnastic and sporting activities. Members of CUSA are also departments and institutes of physical education and sports through their universities and colleges, as well as tertiary technical school. CUSA closely cooperates with the Czech Academic Association of Technical Sports (CAATS). By this cooperation is ensured the organizing of University Championships and Czech Academic Games (CAH) and other sports competitions, which can be attended not only by our registered members, but by all students of the Czech universities, colleges and tertiary technical school.

In the spirit of tradition, our mission is to develop the physical fitness of university students and colleges staff and to develop various forms of sport including top sport. The nature of university studies brings a periodic changes of our membership. It is still a lively system where audience comes to study and are motivated by compulsory PE lessons and other physical and sporting activities organized by departments of physical education and sport within the curricula of the respective universities / colleges. There they are offered a wide variety of gymnastics and sports activities. A deeper interest in one of them then brings students to sports clubs and sports unions, to ČUSA.

Students coming to universities are already talented athletes finding in our Association and clubs systematic care and conditions that allow them to continue their sporting growth. They have the opportunity to become academic representatives of the Czech Republic and to also get in the Czech state representative cooperatives and in the Olympic team. Comprehensive technical, medical and material assurance enables them to combine challenging top-level sports training with college studies. An important role plays by the University Sports Center at the The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MEYS, MŠMT in Czech).

The current condition of ČAUS and its rich activity represents a long journey from the founder of doc. Dr. František Smotlachy over a number of dramatic periods to these days. CUSA is fully integrated into the sports federation of the Czech Union of Sports (CUS) and is also a member of the Czech Olympic Committee Plenum. It contributes to the good reputation of sport in our country and plays an important role in the sport representation of the Czech Republic through its international activities and sports results. It is an association for all students and employees of Czech universities and is open to other citizens who are interested in our activities. Our significance and strength is that we associate and form a university students – the future intellectual sphere of our society, ie a group of future scientists, engineers, doctors, educators, economists, politicians and other public officials.

CUSA is also fully integrated into the world’s university sporting structures. We are a full-fledged and important member of the International University Sports Federation (FISU) and in the year 1999, after the founding of a continental organization, we became a founding member of the European University Sports Association (EUSA). In this way, we have a derived national sports authority for university sports in the Czech Republic.

Atletická 100/2, 160 17 Prague 6 – Strahov

E-mail: caus-vld@cuscz.cz, caus-tvrda@cuscz.cz, caus-stencel@cuscz.cz
Chairperson: PaedDr. Ivana Ertlova, mobile: 602 216 967, e-mail: ertlova@sporty-cz.cz
Secretary General: Mgr. Ladislav Vladyka, mobile: 602 258 078

Name of the international federation, its abbreviation, seat and number of member states:
Fédération Internationale du Sport Universitéire (FISU), Maison du Sport, Av. De Rhodanie 54, CH-1007 Lausanne, Switzerland, 163 member countries
website: www.fisu.net

Name of the European Federation, its abbreviation and seat:
European University Sports Association (EUSA), Tomšičeva Street 4, SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

website: www.eusa.eu