Registrace na Online FISU Volunteer Leaders Academy 2020

Dear friends,

May 2020 was full of events and news. We will try to highlight most of them in this Newsletter. The biggest news is that considering the challenging current situation, for the safety reasons FISU decided to run 2020 FVLA online. To keep the highest level of the educational course and to run the Student Ambassadors Programme successfully in season 2020/2021, we would like to split the FVLA programme in 2 parts:

  1. 22 or 23 June sessions (2.5 hours) which include 2 main topics: introduction to FISU and the Student Ambassadors’ Programme. Format: Zoom sessions with presentations, group works and Q&A. It is the same content on both days, so please pick the date that suits you best in the registration form below.
  2. 4 – 6 September (3 days) which will include educational and cultural parts with all speakers, topics and formats. After completing this 3-day intensive course, participants will be awarded the Status of Student Ambassador for a maximum of 2 years. As with every past edition, the FVLA OC will continue to work closely with students and NUSFs after the online sessions.

We truly believe that this year’s format will be an experience as enriching as previous FVLA editions. In order to give the possibilities to selected students to also enjoy such an experience onsite in Kazan and get a chance to meet everyone in person, FISU confirmed that candidates selected for the 2020 FVLA, will also get the chance to be part of the 2021 FVLA in Kazan.

We do believe that they will be active Student Ambassadors and help their respective federations during the whole season 2020/2021, following the action plan that will be developed all together in September.

As the Academy this year is online, it will be a great opportunity to bring together online students from most of the NUSFs. Even if you haven’t yet registered any participants, you will still get a chance to do so now. The OAS  is still open.

We kindly ask selected candidates to register for the June session via this link before June 8.  We would also like to invite interested parties from NUSFs/CUSFs to attend any of the June sessions. Please feel free to register NUSF representatives/students (maximum 2 more people in total) before June 8. 

Kind regards,
Albina & Timur
FVLA 2020 Organising Committee