Pozvánka na dubnové PCU Games 2023 v Belgii. Hrát se bude futsal, basketbal a volejbal

Pozvánka na dubnové PCU Games 2023 v Belgii. Hrát se bude opět futsal, basketbal a volejbal


From 26 till 28 April 2023, the University of Antwerp (Belgium) hosts the PCU Games, an international sporting event for Universities and Colleges worldwide, organized under the auspices of Panathlon International, IOC-recognized federation for Fair Play in Sports. The official invitation for the PCU Games 2023 can be found below. 

Competitions are organized in Futsal, Basketball and Volleyball, both male and female. Participation to the tournament is free of charge.

To allow for participation of students worldwide unable to travel, also an online FIFA22 Tournament will be organized (on 21 April 2023; students can register themselves for this event).

Check our website www.pcucommittee.com/pcugames for more information.

Furthermore, the PCU Committee, in cooperation with the University of Antwerp, organizes more events for students:

  • PCU Bridge Trophy: 14-16 April 2023 in Antwerp (Belgium), including online tournament;
  • PCU Games (Futsal, Basketball, Volleyball): 26-28 April 2023 in Antwerp (Belgium), including online FIFA22 Tournament;
  • PIUTT Tennis Tournament: October 2023 in Rome (Italy), dates to be confirmed;
  • PCU Chess Cup: December 2023 in Antwerp (Belgium), dates to be confirmed, including online tournament;
  • PCU Drawing & Photo Contests: Art & Photography Contests. Theme: Fair Play in (University) Sports. Cash prizes for winning participants.

More information can be found on www.pcucommittee.com.