Nový termín Evropských univerzitních her v Bělehradě

Nový termín Evropských univerzitních her v Bělehradě


Evropská asociace univerzitních sportů (EUSA) se spolu s Organizačním výborem Evropských univerzitních her v Bělehradě, Srbsko dohodli na novém termínu pátého ročníku. Soutěž, která se koná v Srbském hlavním městě se uskuteční od 14. do 27. července 2021.


Oficiální dopis EUSA: New dates for the European Universities Games in Belgrade confirmed

The European University Sports Association (EUSA) together with the Organising Committee of the European Universities Games in Belgrade, Serbia have agreed new dates for the fifth edition of the event. The competition in the Serbian capital city will now take place from July 14 – 27, 2021.

Initially set to take place from July 12-25, 2020, Europe’s largest gathering of student-athletes for this year’s highly anticipated event was postponed amid the current COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all participants, volunteers, staff, visitors and local community.

In the days following the announcement of the postponement, several discussions were undertaken among organisers, national authorities and key stakeholders to select the most suitable dates for the postponed event.

Taking into consideration the international and local sporting, academic and cultural calendar, as well as the possibilities in the local environment, the event is now scheduled between July 14 – 27, 2021.

EUSA and EUG2020 organisers remain fully committed to the organisation of what is still expected to be the largest edition of European Universities Games, and look forward to welcoming all participants, guests and spectators to Belgrade in 2021.

Relevant information concerning registration, fees and qualification for next year’s event will be published in the next few days at and

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