2022 FISU World University Championship Ski Orienteering takes place in Czech Republic

2022 FISU World University Championship Ski Orienteering takes place in Czech Republic

Region of Krušné hory and especially Jáchymov town should be a location of the 3rd FISU WUC Ski Orienteering in the date of February 22-27, 2022. Therapeutic spa centre Jáchymov town will be the place of the whole venue where the town will provide the lodging and catering facilities as well as will take care about the ceremonies. The following locations are meant to be as training and racing areas: Jahodová louka, Abertamy, Eduard. There exists also the alternative area with the artificial snow in german Oberwiesenthal in case of lack of the natural snow. This is the same event conception that was used for the first Olympic Games of children and youth in ski orienteering held in the region of Karlovy this year.


„I like the idea of organisation of the WUC Ski Orienteering from the very beginning, I appreciate that the candidature was made in a very short time considering all aspects. 2022 will be demanding for our association. It will be after long time the case that we will be holding even two university championships in one year. Besides the February event, it will be also the floorball championship being organized in Liberec,“ said CUSA chairwoman Ivana Ertlová. It is welcome also by the chairman of Czech Floorball Accociation and vicepresident of the Czech Olympic Committee Mr. Filip Šuman who said: „Great news, I have been keeping the fingers crossed to ski orienteering guys!“

Traditionally, the programme is split into the 4 competitions. Three of them will be individual – sprint, pursuit race and short race with masive start. And the fourth one will be mixed sprint relay. Championship will start by the opening ceremony on Monday evening February 21st and then the individual races will follow. On Tuesday there will be sprint race and on Wednesday sprint relays. Then one free day should follow when various excursion will be organized for competitors. For example mining country-side of Krušné hory (under the UNESCO cultural herritage), famous location of Karlovy Vary as Becherovka company and Moser glass factory. This free day will also serve to the facilitators as a short break before the grand final that is planned for Friday and Saturday. We start with the pursuit race and with the short race with the masive start. „We take this opportunity that we have such a great event here and would like to arrange another race of the Czech Cup (Český pohár) in the same place.“ specifies LOB ČSOS chairman Mr. Přemek Škoda who will be the chief judge within the championship.

Petra Hančová, Czech Medalist of the Univerziáde 2019 in Krasnoyarsk, Russia. Photo: Jakub Pláteník

Technical support of championship will be done by Pilsner orienteering club under the leadership of Mr. Ondřej Vodrážka. The chief track builder will be Mr. Petr Mareček who will prepare the maps as well. The gender balance of the organisation committee is kept – there is 10 members – 5 women, 5 men.

„The nomination criterias have not been set yet, however the results of the  coming season will be taken into consideration for sure.“ adds Mr Ondřej Vodrážka, the chairman of CAUS orienteering committee and chief of the university national orienteering team.

Thanks to the date shift of the Winter Universiade 2021, it comes up the attractive opportunity to attend the Winter Universiade in Switzerland in December and immediately after the domestic championship in Jachymov in February 2022. The ski orienteering has been raising already since 2014 also thanks to the involvement of the Czech Youth Olympic Games into the competitions. We trust that there will be participating lots of academical sportsmen and sportswomen, the more the better, and that the championship will be successful in term of organisation as well as the good sport experience.

Source: www.orientacnisporty.cz
Translation: Šárka Čiháková, ČAUS